Project 2: Buckhurst Hill

A Recent Kitchen Installation in Buckhurst Hill

Below you can see the original sketch for this project followed by the finished product:

Past Project 2: Buckhurst Hill

Kitchen Furniture: Mereway Cucina Colore Futura

Worktop: Granite (reusing existing) + Solid Wood chef table

Anderson Sinclair originally built an extension for this client and designed and fitted the kitchen. The client then had a hot water pipe burst upstairs (not part of the extension) and came back to us to assist with the insurance claim. As is always the case, the insurance company was looking to minimise in costs and was suggesting to our client that just changing the doors on the existing kitchen would be sufficient. An investigation by Anderson Sinclair’s design team showed that this was not the case.

Anderson Sinclair’s Designer worked closely with both the client and the insurance company to ensure not only that the client would get a fair payout for the damage done but also that the insurance company was only paying to replace what was actually water damaged. By providing professional reports and estimates we were able to significantly increase the payment received from the client’s insurers. Based on the revised value of the insurance claim the client wanted to plan a completely new kitchen but the plan had to incorporate the existing granite worktops which were not damaged. Bearing this in mind our designer incorporated a wooden chef’s table with the existing island slab to create a new bigger island to fit in with the chosen design.

Anderson Sinclair also liaised closely with the insurance company’s appointed builder to ensure that required repair work would take into account layout changes resulting from the revised design. Anderson Sinclair is happy to work with our client’s building contractors and will provide full mechanical and electrical (M&E) drawings to ensure that the kitchen can be installed quickly and efficiently once the building work is completed saving our clients time, disruption and money.

Below you can see a further snapshot of the completed project: